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About eight miles from downtown Los Angeles, lies a small but vibrant region by the name of Alhambra, with a diverse population of 85 000. Known as the “Gateway to San Gabriel Valley, Alhambra is one of the more laid-back parts of Los Angeles. If you are currently looking for affordable moving companies in Los Angeles, then Fixed Price Movers in Alhambra is here for all your moving needs.

Alhambra is home to a lively and vibrant scene. The newly updated Main Street is full of car dealerships, stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and other places to enjoy your time. Local businesses are always flourishing here, so if you are planning on starting something new, then maybe it is time to call Fixed Price Movers in Alhambra to help you move! “The Hat,” now a very famous south Californian food chain, opened its first location here in 1951. They started by specializing in pastrami sandwiches. This restaurant was once local to only Alhambra until they started getting more popular, expanding its menu, and opening many new locations. In fact, the original retro-styled neon “The Hat” sign has become an iconic landmark and can be easily found in the center of Alhambra. Another iconic gastronomic sight is Fosselman’s Ice Cream, which you surely have heard of. They opened their location many years ago and have since become very popular, even being mentioned by Britney Spears on her Twitter. They have also maintained their iconic retro set-up and even serve old fashioned ice cream and desserts, also becoming an excellent location for a quick Instagram picture.

If you are a family with kids, then Alhambra is the place for you. Known for its fantastic school district, it has a wide range of public and private schools, along with catholic all-girls schools. These schools are deemed some of the most desirable in the area and are known for their famous alumni, such as race car driver Mickey Thompson, baseball players, actors, and many others. Alhambra is deemed one of the safest regions in California, having a very low rate of crime occurrences and is safer than 49% of the cities in America. You will never have to worry about walking around at night, and the people are known to be very kind, welcoming, and open in Alhambra. It is also very quiet, so you will always get your nighttime rest and won’t ever have noise complaints. If you do not have a car, you will also be very comfortable in Alhambra as it isn’t very large and everything is within walking distance, such as the supermarkets, schools and so on. Let us Fixed Price Movers in Alhambra help make your move comfortable so you will only have to worry about getting yourself to your new home.

Finding the perfect house will also not be difficult. Alhambra was named the “city of homes” because of the wide range of styles available, including bungalow, Spanish colonial and Mediterranian, Italian beaux-arts, craftsman, and many more. Once you have found your dream home space, leave it to the Fixed Price Movers in Alhambra to help you make the transition.

We know how frustrating and stressful moving can be, so we make it our goal to make that process as quick and simple for you as possible. We are constantly training our professional movers, who will pack, transport, and unpack all your belongings safely for you. This will save you a significant amount of time that you can use to make the other arrangements needed for moving. Just as our name Fixed Price Movers states, we have certain very budget-friendly prices, without any hidden fees and extra charges, which other companies tend to spring upon you after the move. With more than fifteen years of being in the business, we give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee and can be trusted.

We are determined to help with all the aspects of moving, even the smaller ones. When you hire Fixed Price Movers in Alhambra, we will determine what supplies you will need to make your move as safe and efficient as possible. This means providing you with boxes, wardrobe boxes, paper for packing fragile items, bubble wrap foam pouches, cushions, bags for heavy times, moving blankets, packing peanuts, hand trucks, and anything else you will need. We are the local movers that are easy to hire, easy on your wallet, and will provide the best service. Our service area is all over the United States, so even if you are planning to move across states to Alhambra, our movers are here to help you as best as possible.

No matter how careful you pack, accidents are bound to happen. This can have dire consequences, especially when you plan commercial moving. Let Fixed Price Movers in Alhambra help you move your office, and your expensive equipment will be in the best hands. Years of working with packing equipment and all types of belongings have given us the experience necessary to help you move your business safely. We also provide insurance to protect your belongings, so you won’t have anything to worry about.

Sometimes, people require some time to settle before they choose to bring all their belongings and furniture into their new home or office. That is why Fixed Price Movers in Alhambra also provides storage facilities for commercial and residential movers. We promise to keep your belongings safe until you are fully ready to unpack and use them.

Once the move is done, everyone is going to be tired and will want to relax before unpacking, but that can be hard to do when the place you moved into is dirty. For this reason, exactly,  Fixed Price Movers in Alhambra offer cleaning services as well. We will clean the move-out space to help you get your security deposit back. We will also clean the move-in space, as it makes the whole process of moving in less stressful and is one more thing off the long to-do list.

We are here for all your moving needs every day of the week, so call us today, pick a time, and we will gladly do all the work for you!

Rated 5 out of 5
May 12, 2020

Two words. The BEST. Efficient, fast, courteous, and did I say FAST!!! Best moving experience my husband and I have ever had (and we have moved a lot). I will never go to another moving company again! LOVE.

Sylva F
Rated 5 out of 5
April 16, 2020

This is not my first experience with moving companies. And to be honest is the best company that I used before. Great service and good prices. From the first contact with the customer service person, I was very happy with an outstanding level of service.Very professional staff.The driver and movers come on time, and were very careful with my goods and everything was delivered with no breakage.I already recommend this moving company to a couple of my friends, and they also happy that they choose this company.Highly recommended!!!!

Marina M.
Rated 5 out of 5
September 25, 2017

Thank you Alhambra Movers!!! I was very concerned about hiring the right moving company. People always complain about “the movers”. Well, not me! Eddie gave me a great price for the move, Alex and the other movers were on time and professional, and the move was a success. I would certainly recommend Alhambra Movers to any family or friends, and if you’re looking for a moving company, look no further. Thank you Alhambra Movers!

Anna K.
Rated 5 out of 5
August 5, 2016

Alhambra Movers is my number one right now! I Can’t tell, how much pleasure I had while moving with this company. I actually enjoyed the process. These guys are professional and friendly, and cute. 4 guys came to my house and finishes the whole job in 7 hours. My house was full of different stuff, from furniture to clothing and accessories, as well as the patio. When I offered them pizza, they told me that they want to finish the move first before taking any lunch breaks. Absolutely outstanding company! Thank you guys so much for all your help!

Anastasia M.



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